Despite Sydney’s reputation as “Sunny Sydney”, that is not always the case!

When it comes to information on washed-out or rearranged matches, the NSFA website is the definitive resource (the direct link to the NSFA Wet Weather Page is below). Please use the NSFA website first and foremost rather than contacting your team manager (or anyone from the board). Games can be changed to different venues or times across the weekend at very short notice so please be flexible.

Council Wet Weather Pages Wet Weather Line Phone Numbers
NSFA Wet Weather page No wet weather line
North Sydney Council 9936 8220
Hornsby Council 9847 6764
Ku-ring-gai Council 9424 0800
Lane Cove Council 9911 3585
Willoughby Council 9777 7631

Synthetic (all-weather) grounds are exempt, unless the weather is exceptionally bad (thunderstorms, torrential rain, hurricane winds etc).

Matches will generally be scheduled in the draw from 5.30pm on Fridays to 8pm on Sundays, including Friday evenings, Saturday evenings and Sunday morning matches as necessary. It is the only way to complete the competitions with the inevitable wet weather ground closures and a lack of facilities.

Before every game or training session, your manager should check whether the ground is closed and let you know. You can also check for yourself using the links or phone numbers above.