Who is it for?

Under 6s to Under 11s.

The age group a player qualifies for is based on their age as at 31st December of the previous year.

Age on 31st December Age Groups
4 or 5 Under 6s – Under 7s
6 Under 7s – Under 8s
7 Under 8s – Under 9s
8 Under 9s – Under 10s
9 Under 10s – Under 11s
10 Under 11s

Generally, a player may only register in Mixed MiniRoos if they are four (4) years of age or older as at midnight on the 31st December of the previous year. It is also a recommendation that no player should play in an age group more than two (2) years higher than they are qualified for.

However, special dispensation may be granted by the association based on the year at school or other special circumstances.

To give some examples:

A player born on 31 December 2007 would play in the Under 10s
A player born on 16 April 2009 would play in the Under 9s
A player born on 31 October 2011 would play in the Under 7s

… and so on.

We also have Development Squads in most age groups. You can read more about these on the Development Squads page.

Why MiniRoos?

A small-sided game is simply football with fewer players competing on a smaller size field. What is good about it is that it allows players to have more contact with the ball, because fewer players are playing in a smaller playing area. This is important for two reasons:

It has a definite and positive developmental impact because it gives kids greater opportunities to improve their technical proficiency.
More importantly – it’s more enjoyable because they are touching the ball more often.

While we want kids to choose football because we reckon it’s the best (and the only real!) football code, we also know that it’s really important for children to be participating in a healthy activity, in a team environment and to have fun.

Age Groups Players on field Substitutes
Under 6s / Under 7s Teams are split into 2 teams of 4 players each Max 4
Under 8s / Under 9s 6 players + 1 goalkeeper (total 7) Max 3
Under 10s / Under 11s 8 players + 1 goalkeeper (total 9) Max 3

When are games on?

Matches take place on Saturdays (for mixed teams) or Sundays (for girls only teams) and are generally aligned with Terms 2 and 3 of school.

Game times vary between (and within) each age group. There are no games or training during school holidays (but we do hold coaching clinics during the holidays).

Age Groups Usual kick-off times
Under 6s 8.30am, 9.15am, 10am
Under 7s 10am, 10.45am, 11.30am
Under 8s 10.10am, 11am, 11.50am
Under 9s 8.30am, 9.20am, 10.10am
Under 10s 8.30am, 9.30am, 10.30am
Under 11s 9.30am, 10.30am, 11.30am

Important things to know

To register

Please see the registration page.


Please see the training schedules page.


Send us an email via the contact us page.