Who is it for?

Under 12s to Under 18s. The age group a player qualifies for is based on their age as at 31st December of the previous year.

Age on 31st December Age Groups
10 or 11 Under 12s – Under 13
12 Under 13s – Under 14s
13 Under 14s – Under 15s
14 Under 15s – Under 16s
15 Under 16s – Under 17s
16 Under 17s – Under 18s
17 Under 18s

However, special dispensation may be granted by the association based on the year at school or other special circumstances. It is also a recommendation that no player should play in an age group more than two (2) years higher than they are qualified for.

To give some examples:

A player born on 31 December 2005 would play in the Under 13s in 2019
A player born on 16 April 2004 would play in the Under 15s in 2019
A player born on 31 October 2002 would play in the Under 17s …. and so on.

We also have Development Squads in most age groups. You can read more about these on the Development Squads page.

What is it?

Once you enter the Under 12 age group, you will be playing on a full field – 11 v 11 but with match duration ranging from 35-45 minute halves.

It’s a little more serious than Small Sided Football because we play other teams in the same Association and there is a competition table. But we still want you to have a good time – because we can’t all be Cahill, Rogic or Ryan – and if you enjoy playing right through school, there’s no reason why you can’t go on playing for years and years yet.  In fact, right until you’re quite old … like our North Sydney Over 45s teams!

When are games on?

Matches take place on Saturdays (for mixed teams) or Sundays (for girls only teams) and are generally aligned with Terms 2 and 3 of school.

Game times vary from week to week but kick-off times are generally between 8.30am to 11.40am. There are no games or training during school holidays (but we do hold coaching clinics during the holidays).

Important things to know

To register

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Send us an email via the contact us page.