In 2017 we launched the “North Sydney United Football Community Fund” through which we will donate to those families within our own North Sydney Community that suffer due to illness or serious injury within their family. We raised $30,000 through fundraising activities in 2017 and the Club donated a further $10,000 to the Fund. We then passed on $40,000 onto two families.

North Sydney United has committed a further $40,000 over the next 4 seasons and you can choose to contribute as well when you register. Simply choose the package “with” the $10 donation to the Community Fund. With at least 1300 members expected to register in 2019 we hope to raise over $10,000 during this process which will mean we will have substantial funds ready to donate to families that may need our help.

There will be one major Fundraising/Gala day at some point during the season (probably July) and we hope to further increase the fund to around $50,000 this year. Should no families need our support in 2019 then funds will continue to accumulate for the future. This is an initiative that we hope will bring our club even closer together and that will give us the means to provide instant help where necessary.

Please join us in supporting our Community!

Best Regards,

Simon Cox

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Contact the Club Secretary.